Role of love in our life

Role of love in our life

Role of love in our life

Role of love in our life

To live a happy life, love plays a key role.It is termed in many shapes and forms. It may come and go more than once. It may come with the burst of powerful energy or it may evaporate and change with time. Changes are based upon the absence or presence of purity and honesty. 

Role of love in our life, is termed and interpreted in many ways – 
Love is not only between a couple. love exist in every relationship as – husband-wife, between sisters, brothers, brother and sister, mom and son, dad and daughter etc. Love is found through dedication and devotion to something or someone

Love can beat sufferings, anger, pain, sadness, revenge, and challenges. Animals who can’t speak or understands like humans even though they understands the language of love. Generally it involves compromise, it requires to back down. Perspective and attitude determine whether love lives or dies. 

We should not think unfortunate if we have loved and lost. It comes and goes without reason or cause. Many people have given their lives for a believe and a cause that they loved dearly. No amount of fretting or anguishing will bring it back. If it comes than enjoy it, or if it is must depart then let  it go. It requires time and patience so that it can develop maturity and to gestate.  

Language is not require to express love. Love can heal a broken heart. Love can fulfill someones discouraged life with full of positive energy. Love is a healing remedy in different situations. Love can build up a relationship strong. 

The actual depth of love can be measured by trust, kind, caring, patient, honest, loyal, and mutual respect. Loyalty is most important while obtaining the real value of love. Love takes on different forms, each experience it in their own ways and parameters. 

So, accordingly it may be complicated and mysterious. It is a bond of unconditional promise and commitment, whenever it is without commitment, than that is infatuation. More likely it is acceptance without expectations. 

It is also about knowing someone completely (along with the negative aspects and weakness) and not to take advantage. It means that whatever may be the differences, they can be worked out. It includes numbers of layers. 

It beneficially implies unmeasured effects on our belief system, thought process, body, soul, social circle, safe spaces and will-power. Love is an action, reaction, cause and affect. It can also be termed as best essence of driving force towards survival  

Love generates a bonding between a relation. Love can strengthen to over come of different situation. Love can heal a broken heart as well as gives a reason to live a life. It has no borders, no quantifiable mass, no territory or energy output. 

One can express love, but can’t elaborate it. One can spread and invite it, but can’t dictate. It doesn’t own any conditions, stipulations, agenda or codes. More likely it radiates independently, without any desires and fears. 

We all need to understand the main factor, That is –

Love is always with the open arms. If someone closes the arms during love. Person find after a while that let holding only owns. During love their’s no logic for anything. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.  

Friends, It’s unpredictable feeling, that has no control and flowing unconfined. Love is more easily experienced than defined, So, Go ahead and Fall in love, to live life at the fullest.

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