Resolution for all problems

Resolutions for all problems

resolutions for all problems

Resolutions for all problems

Resolutions for all problems
Sometime we all go through with the tremendous situation in our life. Here i would like to elaborate few tips by which we can easily tackle in our tough times. The tips or the fundamentals which i’ll mention in my blog will come up with the combo of a formulation which help in resolving day – to day issues. 

Initially we need to understand the problem then only we can come up with the proper resolution. Our self awareness empower us to examine our own thoughts which is particularly helpful  in creating the required resolution. Imagination and conscience are primarily functions in any circumstance and understanding that how to tap into the right and required capacity greatly increases our first creation ability. 

A great deal of research has been conducted for dictates on what has come to be called brain dominions theory. The findings basically indicate that each hemisphere of the brain ( left and right ) tends to specialize in and preside over different functions, process as well as different kind of information and deal with different kinds of problems. 

While understanding any concern or issues we should take note that how our brain react or revert. The left hemisphere of our brain is more logical / verbal and if we see our right hemisphere then it’s more intuitive/creative. The left deals with words and right with pictures. The left deals by analysis which signifies to break apart and the right deals with synthesis which clearly means to put together. If i say or explain it in simple language then left is a time bound and the right one is time free.

The ideal would be to cultivate and develop the ability to have good crossover between both side of the brain so that a person could first sense what the situation is about and then use the appropriate tool to deal with the same. We live in a primly left brain which focused on dominant world where words  and measurement as well as the logic took place, and the more creative, initiative , sensing, artistic aspect of our nature is often.

Admitted the description which is over simplified and new studies will undoubtedly throw more light on brain functions. As a result the person is capable enough during the performance in different line of thought process and barely tap out the desired potential. 

So, as I already stated above the level of understanding, 
measuring,calculating and identifying parameters in all sort of the thought process. also I like to say that it works as a think tang. we can concisely use our mind to meet specific needs in more effective ways. 

So, friends go ahead and get a perfect and correct resolution for all your day to day problems.           

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