tips to fill life with happiness

How to Identify and create yourself

tips to fill life with happiness


How to identify and create yourself

But where do you stand? What is the motive of your life. Sometime that isn't easy to see.
Perhaps the best way to identify your own center is to look closely at your life-support factors. If you can Identify with one or more of the descriptions below, you can trace it back to the center from flows,a center which may be limiting your personal effectiveness.

More often that not,a person's center is some combination of these and/or others center. Generally, people are very much a function of a variety of influences that play upon their lives. Initially we need to understand the concept of " Believe in hope, not in horoscope" Depending on external or internal conditions, may react as one particular center may be activated until the underlying needs are satisfied. Then another center becomes the compelling force.

As a person fluctuates from one center to another, the resulting relativism, the ideal, of course, is to create one clear center from which you consistently derive a high degree of security, guidance, wisdom, and power, empowering your proactivity and giving congruence and harmony to every part of life.

For creating great excellence in life, a well established positive day-to-day planned routine is needed. We need to build-up or plan our routine with accumulating mind and sprit. I fought against cultivating good habits and follow up scheduled as per the plans, because I didn't want to feel like I had to live as per other person routine and rules. I wanted to be my own person and work for my planned targets, want to live life to achieve as well as fulfilling my own dreams.

Friends, we need to remember that either "we utilize the time management or else time may despite us"

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