Diagnose And than Proceed

Diagnose And than Proceed

Diagnose And than Proceed

Diagnose and than proceed

We need to seek first to understand, or diagnose and then proceed, or diagnose before assigning. It's a correct principle manifest in many area of life. It may be critical for the optometrist, may also be critical for the physician, But it is a true marking of the professionals. Anybody wouldn't have any confidence in the doctor's prescription unless the person had confidence in the diagnosis. This principle also applies in sales. An effective sales person first seek to understand the needs, the concerns, the situation of the customer.

As a salesman sells products, so the professional sells solution to need and problems. The professionals initially learn the way to diagnose and than try to understand the same. Salesman also learns the tactics of that how to relate public needs to his products as well as services. Than the sales persons owns integrity to say and presents that how his products or services will meet the consumer needs. Assign after diagnosing is also termed as a fundamental of law.

Generally the lawyers start with gathering the facts to understand the situation. Further do working on the law applied and proceedings while preparing the case. A smart lawyer almost write the opposing attorney's case before he writes his own. Diagnosing before assigning also applied while designing any product. If I say that while designing the product, It is not necessary to understand the consumer's buying habits, motives and needs. Just simply design the products. Do it work? So the reply is that it never work.

A good engineer always understand the basics and requirements of desired location, before designing the bridge. A good teacher will assess the class and than start teaching. A good student will start working after understanding. A good parents evaluates, after understanding the specific concern and than reacts accordingly. An expert judge gives a judgement, after all the clarifications. Seek first to understand, is a correct principle evident in all areas of life. It's a generic, common denominator principle, but it has its greatest power in the area of interpersonal.

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