Month: July 2019

Self Recognition or self awareness

Self recognition or self awareness For self-awareness it is also important that the person should be aware about own weaknesses and abilities. If they do not recognize their potential then no one can do even the simplest of tasks. Self recognition or self awareness, are the two inner things of a person, who not only …

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Generate Positive vibes, Positive attitude

Generate Positive vibes, Positive attitude It depends on us, that what kind of impression we grow into our minds. With a little consciousness and care, we can turn the prickly tree into a floral tree. Generate positive vibes, positive attitude we need to starts with hope and faith. There is darkness everywhere and there is …

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Diagnose And than Proceed

Diagnose and than proceed We need to seek first to understand, or diagnose and then proceed, or diagnose before assigning. It’s a correct principle manifest in many area of life. It may be critical for the optometrist, may also be critical for the physician, But it is a true marking of the professionals. Anybody wouldn’t …

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